Winter Maintenance

Winter maintenance

Winter Maintenance

JPCS is a well established nationwide winter maintenance provider, delivering reactive and proactive winter maintenance services as part of highways term maintenance contracts for local authorities or as part of a winter maintenance plan for public and private sector partners.

Winter maintenance plan

We produce a winter maintenance plan for each client that describes how through active winter planning, management and co-ordination, we will keep roads and pedestrian areas accessible.

Winter maintenance clients

Our clients include local authorities, supermarket chains, retail outlets, shopping centres, hospitals, factories, property maintenance companies and the MOD.

Winter maintenance services

We provide a wide range of winter maintenance services to prevent snow and ice formation and also for snow removal from footways, car parks, carriageways and access roads.

Our experienced winter maintenance team provide advice on appropriate snow removal equipment from snow blowers to snow ploughs and anti-icing and de-icing treatments from traditional grit and rock salt as well as the new liquid anti-icing and de-icing product, Safethaw.

Keeping communities moving through severe winters

Winter gritting services are not only crucial for ensuring the safety of road and footway users, but for the local economy. Our winter maintenance services are designed to ensure the safe travel for all road and footway users as well as minimise any travel delays.

We aim to reduce the number of road accidents, keep road infrastructure safe whilst maximising the lifecycle of the road condition.

What our clients say

"JPCS has worked with us to make the best use of Safethaw with invaluable training and ongoing support whenever it is needed."
Richard Kingston, Cambridgeshire County Council