Rejuvophalt – the road surface solution for hard to reach areas

Rejuvophalt is a cost-effective treatment for road defects and is used as an overlay surface treatment in areas of light traffic such as minor carriageways or residential roads. Application of Rejuvophalt is delivered using our custom-built Rejuvokit.

Unlike traditional processes, this product and kit combination is highly versatile and adaptable, making it ideal for use in areas with severely restricted access. Heritage sites, traditional council housing estates or areas surrounding listed buildings that demand highly precise delivery, along with extremely narrow, steep, or weight restricted areas are the type of sites where Rejuvophalt is the ideal solution.

“The great thing about this product is that it’s black and it mirrors tarmac – and if you talk to any resident, they want tarmac. For the lay person, once it’s down, they don’t know any different, they think its tarmac and it looks like tarmac”

Highways Maintenance Manager, Sandwell MBC

Case Studies

Read our Rejuvophalt® case studies to learn more about how this unique product, coupled with our bespoke installation method is the most reliable solution for areas with severely restricted access

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