Rejuvopatch for hardworking surface repair and maintenance

Rejuvopatch is a BBA HAPAS approved product, giving you confidence in its ability to perform well, even under heavy traffic usage. It is a hardworking, durable product which can be used for pothole repairs, or as a total pre-surface treatment. Rejuvopatch is ideal for road repairs in high population density areas and busy pedestrian routes, alongside very busy roadways and inaccessible sites.

“Success in urban areas with Rejuvopatch is transforming the network. Repairing the ‘volume’ of potholes with the budget that we have has to be about value and getting the most for your pound. This repair technique has stood the test of time”

Highways Engineer, Cheshire West and Chester Council

Quality monitored for excellent performance

Like all our products, Rejuvopatch is rigorously checked for quality control from ingredient stage to successfully finished installation. Rejuvopatch is a hardworking product which offers excellent value for money, making it a cost-effective carriageway repair solution.

Case Studies

Read of Rejuvopatch® case studies to learn how Rejuvopatch® meets the needs of surface repair in busy communities

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