A firm foundation; the Rejuvo story so far

JPCS was cofounded and established in 1993, originally as a footway slurry sealing operation. From the very beginning our mission was to provide outstanding products alongside expert knowledge.

We are committed to excellent service and high standards, working with engineers to develop, manufacture and deliver quality footway and road surfacing solutions at the best possible value for our customers.

Recognised for Excellence

We provide a highly responsive, adaptable and fleet of foot service, using our 2 decades of experience to make us industry leaders in this specialist area. In 2013 we achieved our 5-star EFQM rating (Recognised for Excellence), with the assessment team commenting on “the culture created over many years by the managing director, and the leadership team’s commitment to the EFQM Excellence Model and the development of innovative ideas”.

Our product range has expanded over the years through continuous innovation and improvement, and we are proud of the accreditation and recognition they continue to receive.

Beyond excellence in our product range, we are also recognised by the UK Excellence Awards, the Road Surface Treatments Association, Cheshire Business Awards and the British Quality Foundation, alongside multiple other recognitions.

Continuing the road of excellence

Membership of several professional bodies helps us to understand the industry’s needs as they develop, and our continuing mission of industry-leading progress.

With strong roots in people and product development, we continue to embrace digital automation opportunities, such as real time project monitoring software, making us streamlined, efficient, and the best at what we do.

Our company continues to grow successfully, built on a solid foundation of outstanding people doing a great job.

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