Innovative foundations

The innovative Groundscrew is our answer to traditional concrete foundations for posts and poles, providing a highly durable, robust and sustainable alternative.

A managed process for customer ease

Rejuvo JPCS manage the process of delivery and installation, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience for our customers.

Once installed they can be used to support permanent or mobile fixtures, providing considerable flexibility for resources such as digital signage to be mobilised across a region, rather than fixed to one location.

Low impact ground fixings

The Groundscrew offers much less impact on the landscape than permanently fixed methods.

They are also less intrusive below ground with a vibration free installation process, making them a valuable alternative solution when ground penetration must be reduced.

The system is easy to use and is accredited to assure safety to users and the community. For further information, please visit our website

Case Studies

Read our Groundscrew case studies here…

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