Traffic Management

traffic management services

Traffic Management

JPCS is an experienced traffic management company offering nationwide traffic management services. We specialise in traffic design, obtaining authority – including dealing with the highway authority for the issue of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders – and equipment set-up, removal and maintenance. Our traffic management system ensures safety at all times and minimal congestion. Our active traffic management services include all aspects of traffic management:

  • Urban road closures including dual carriageways and motorways
  • Rural road closures
  • Diversion routes
  • High speed lane closures
  • Low speed lane closures
  • Advance warning signs
  • Temporary traffic signals
  • Gatemen Stop/Go traffic systems operated with traffic operatives.

All traffic management services staff are trained to the required standards of the National Highways Sector Schemes including 12a/b High Speed including Dual Carriageways and Motorways to Lantra Standard and 12d Roads up to the national speed limit to Lantra Standard.

Safe and effective traffic management services

We will utilise temporary traffic management measures to facilitate safe road works, temporary closures and diversions, ensuring traffic is flowing as safely and as freely as possible and that pedestrians are protected. We deliver effective traffic and pedestrian management through:

  • Providing clear and early warning signs for any obstructions
  • Optimising road space including adequate safety zone and working space
  • Providing clear instructions and directions to road users
  • Minimising potential conflict between road users and road workers and working sites
  • Providing legible and reliable traffic signs and temporary requirements
  • Ensuring speed limits and restrictions are appropriate for the geometry and safety features.

Effective traffic management planning

With high traffic demands on the majority of roads, we plan all works activities and temporary closures to optimise safety, road space and work efficiency, whilst minimising road user congestion, delay and inconvenience. Road users are not put at risk and are informed well in advance of any obstruction. Our approach considers vulnerable users including blind and disabled people, children and the elderly, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders as well as drivers.

What our clients say

“Work appeared to be carried out quickly and with minimum of disruption. Good notifcation and signage.”
Mr A, Ross-on-Wye