Road Repair

Pothole repair

Road Repair

JPCS provide end to end road repair services, including the identification, assessment, reporting and treatment of potholes. Focussed on delivering a right first time service, we invest in the right product design, materials and pothole repair processes, in order to provide the best value pothole repair solutions.

In 2011 the ALARM* Survey reported a significant increase in the number of potholes filled to 2.2million from 1.4million in the previous year. This rise, an indication of the road deterioration and the effects of harsh weather, emphasises the requirement for a longer term road repair solution. Rejuvopatch, exclusively developed by JPCS is a carriageway defect repair system for the treatment of potholes and a range of other surface defects, with a life expectancy of 7-10 years. Ideal as a pre-patching solution prior to surface dressing, we have laid over 3,000 tonnes over the last over 4 years.

*Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) Survey 2012, published by the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA)

Rejuvopatch – the innovative solution to treat a road repair, footway repair and pothole repair

Rejuvopatch is a unique, cost effective and sustainable method of carrying out a wide range of road and footway repairs to defects within bituminous bound surfaces, including patching and surface treatments. The design mix is carried out to suit the individual defect on site and therefore the best solution can be achieved.

Benefits of Rejuvopatch

Rejuvopatch is a hand applied product that eliminates the contamination of adjacent areas, which can be problematic with other patch repair products. Its benefits include:

  • Zero waste generated with no excavation
  • Mixes prepared site specifically and on site eliminating waste
  • Speed of application
  • Reduced traffic management costs
  • Reduced traffic disruption
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish.

Innovative road repair and footway repair solutions for cracks

Specially developed to repair cracks and fretted joints up to 40mm, we deliver sustainable and cost-effective joint and crack sealing products. With excellent durability, the our road repair products are particularly appealing to clients in view of minimising the frequency of future maintenance and disruption.


  • Fast, economic processes (1,000 linear metres can be laid by a single three operative crew over two heavily rain affected days)
  • Excellent durability – maintains texture/high skid resistance
  • No milling out or sweeping of loose aggregate – no waste disposal
  • Application is less susceptible to weather extremes and can be laid all year round
  • Fast setting, typically cures and can be trafficked within 15 – 30 minutes of application
  • Quicker application minimises disruption and traffic management costs
  • Can repair random cracks and adjacent potholes.

What our clients say

"Thanks you for resurfacing the footpath in Swan Road. A number of favourable comments from Parishioners as well!"
Steve Dartford, Fenstanton Parish Council