Rejuvopatch® is an exclusive “once and done” road patching and road repair product, designed both as an immediate pothole repairs solution or as a surface treatments solution. A bespoke, specially-mixed, cold micro asphalt, Rejuvopatch® is quickly applied, maximising safety and minimising traffic disruption. Applied all year round, Rejuvopatch® stays in the pothole and often outlasts the surrounding surface.

Rejuvopatch® range is used extensively around the UK as a road repair and pothole repair solution by many Local Authorities, including Cheshire West, Dudley, Leeds, Surrey, and West Sussex.


  • Environmentally friendly – manufactured using recycled products, such as recycled tyre rubber  crumb, recycled glass, and recycled concrete, to reduce the volume of newly extracted aggregates and other key components – with up to 80 per cent of the finished product from recycled sources
  • Faster and cost effective road repairs, with minimal or no applicable waste
  • Cold applied, manual operation – using easily minimal, portable, manual machinery that can manoeuvre the narrowest of accesses providing ultimate flexibility and versatility
  • All the requirements for a project can be loaded onto a bespoke, purpose-built single large heavy goods vehicle and transported to the work site reducing vehicle movement
  • It can be prepared away from the application site and transported to the required location in the mixer
  • Very little noise or aroma during the pothole repair or road repair operation
  • Ideal process for a road repair in high population density housing estates, busy pedestrian areas and works carried out alongside very busy roadways and inaccessible sites
  • Minimal disruption to road users, pedestrians and local residents, with no traffic management required
  • Reduced vehicle movement compared to traditional methods
  • Aesthetic results.

Our client Cheshire West and Chester Council received a national award from the UK National Cyclists Organisation, for the standard and quality of the work for pothole repairs – using our pothole repair and road repair product, Rejuvopatch® –  also reaching the top of the league for both the ‘speed of fixing’ and ‘quality of repairs’ category (People’s Vote).

“An added benefit of using effective proprietary products such as Rejuvopatch® in rural and residential locations is that valuable core funding is released for reconstruction on strategic routes.” — Steve Kent, Strategic Advisor at Cheshire West & Chester Council, President of ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport), and Advocate at Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP).

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What our clients say

“We have been very happy with the quality and durability of the finished surface.”
Mike Gower, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council