JPCS specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and application of a range of cold, hand applied surface treatment products and road repair solutions specially designed to suit a range of surface defects.

Sustainable product development

Our engineers and technicians continuously improve our surface treatment products through material refinement, application improvement and client/engineer feedback, creating an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. Through an ongoing process of investment, research, development and product improvement, our customers can be assured of unrivalled products and processes for road repairs and treatment of footway defects.

Our premium range of hand applied microasphalt surface treatments, known as the Rejuvo® Range, uses a thicker material enhanced with strengthening agents, such as specialist fibre and latex. 

Footway products

We provide Rejuvoflex® for severe deterioration and Rejuvomak®, sometimes a two coat product, to maximise durability and to prolong the lifecycle of assets by up to 20 years

  • Rejuvoflex® – enhanced 10mm slurry for cost-effective treatment of severe signs of deterioration
  • Rejuvomak® – laid at a minimum of 15mm thickness, with enhanced fibre and latex technology.

Carriageway products

Our carriageway products – Rejuvophalt and Rejuvopatch – deliver outstanding results and value for money for road repairs.

  • Rejuvophalt® – enhanced with special strengthening agents, this 10mm surface treatment provides a cost effective solution for road defects, prolonging the life of the highway asset
  • Rejuvopatch® – for an exclusive “once and done” road patching and road repair product, designed both for immediate pothole repairs or for surface treatments, working effectively at varying depths.

Our surface treatment products are accredited to the National Sector Scheme 13 and ISO 9001, as well as BBA Hapas.

What our clients say

"The [ slurry sealing] works [JPCS] carried out to bring the footpaths up to an acceptable standard has been excellent”
Andy Smith, Watford Borough Council