footway recycling


Rejuvenate® is an innovative, cost-effective and sustainable footway recycling solution designed to refurbish deteriorated surfaces whilst avoiding traditional pavement reconstruction.

Rejuvenate® footway recycling enables the replacement of the whole surface area, whilst avoiding the costly and disruptive process of conventional reconstruction.

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Footway recycling process

The process involves excavating the existing macadam surfacing and recycling it using a mobile asphalt recycler. Rejuvenated material is laid as a new binder course and then overlaid with a slurry seal/micro asphalt surface course.

Benefits of footway recycling 

Some of the benefits of footway recycling include:

  • Efficient, tried and tested process
  • Saves thousands of pounds – tangible cost savings of approximately 15%
  • A sustainable solution – reduces carbon emissions by 85% – reduced/recycled waste materials and no virgin aggregates
  • Associated transport and environmental impact reduced
  • Cost certainty – not subject to cost/price volatility of bitumen
  • Reduced time on site
  • Reduced traffic management costs
  • Reduced disruption for residents while improvements were being made
  • Tried and tested, durable surface course, lasting over 20 years.

What our clients say

“The use of recycled asphalt is quite new to us here in Dudley but it’s something we’re keen to trial, especially as it provides a saving of nearly 15 per cent on standard pavement replacement. It also reduces waste, transport costs and carbon emissions.”
Councillor Judy Foster, cabinet member for transportation