Exclusively distributed and installed in the UK by JPCS, the innovative Groundscrew® is a concrete-free ground foundation system, designed to maximise productivity, sustainability, and value for money. Uniquely designed and engineered, as the Groundscrew® is plated, it provides uncompromising stability.

Groundscrew versus concrete: read about the hard facts.


  • Speed Indication Devices (SIDS) and Moveable Vehicle Activiated Signs (MVAS)
  • Approved ground foundation for use with passively safe signage supports and accepted by the Highways Agency for use on motorways and trunk roads
  • Significant innovation in Rail – Form A and Form B approval for use as a ground foundation in location cabinet stagings, small ground signals, and small trackside signage. It allows signs, fencing, benches and other structures to be positioned quickly and easily – a significant advantage during possessions
  • Ground engineering for building foundations, including timber frame structures
  • Multiple domestic applications – ground mounted system for a variety of uses, including fencing, garden and leisure, and decking.

Benefits of Groundscrew®:

  • No excavation, concrete, wet trades, or landfill requirements
  • Safe and uncomplicated – speed and ease of installation, removal, and relocation – with minimum impact to the landscape
  • Significant reduction in traffic management requirements
  • Reduced plant and vehicle movements
  • Reduced vibration and noise during installation
  • Immediately loadable
  • Improved safety – structurally tested and certified to stringent guidelines
  • Consistent and reliable foundation performance
  • Reduced traffic management costs when used in the highways environment.

Technical details:

  • ISO certified
  • Structurally tested
  • Made from 75 per cent recycled steel
  • Life span of up to 50 years
  • Suitable for both granular and cohesive soil types.

For more information on the benefits and applications of Groundscrew®, please visit the Krinner UK website.

What our clients say

“The Krinner Groundscrew system has been impressive. Both the speed and accuracy of the actual installation and the efficiency and steadiness of the system are outstanding.”
Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Author