Joint and crack repairs


Joint and crack repairs

We offer a number of innovative solutions to treat road repairs that are a result of cracks or fretted joints.

Specially developed to treat repair cracks and fretted joints up to 40mm, we deliver sustainable and cost-effective methods for treating road repairs. With excellent durability, our crack repair products are particularly appealing to clients in view of minimising the frequency of future maintenance and disruption.


  • Fast, economic processes (1,000 linear metres can be laid by a single three operative crew over two heavily rain affected days)
  • Excellent durability – maintaining texture/ high skid resistance
  • No milling out or sweeping of loose aggregate – no waste disposal
  • Application is less susceptible to weather extremes and can be laid all year round
  • Fast setting, typically cures and can be trafficked within 15 – 30 minutes of application
  • Quicker application minimises disruption and traffic management costs
  • Can repair random cracks and adjacent potholes.

What our clients say

“The workmen worked hard and quick and made an excellent job. Well done, very tidy.”
Mrs S, Great Beddow