The Project

The Staffordshire Casualty Reduction Partnership (SCRP) is an organisation that works with several agencies, such as Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police and Stoke-on-Trent City Council, with the aim of reducing road traffic accidents by encouraging drivers to lower their speed.

The organisation were looking for an innovative solution to assist them in achieving this aim.

The Challenges:

The SCRP were looking for ways to change the behaviour of road users without incurring the substantial cost of installing fixed speed cameras in multiple locations.

Key criteria for the solution to be considered by the SCRP were portability, programmability, and cost effectiveness.

The Solution

JPCS worked collaboratively with the SCRP and members of the local community to understand their requirements in full, in order to develop potential options and identify a solution for the issue.

With the key criteria in mind of portability, progammability and cost effectiveness, the solution was subsequent investment by the organisation in 30 speed indication devices (SIDs) on hinged posts. SIDs are highly effective at reducing the proportion of vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

Rejuvo JPCS installed 197 of the innovative Groundscrew® foundations at key sites in the Staffordshire area, enabling the SIDs to be installed in initial locations with the ability for them to be moved and used at different temporary locations where other Groundscrew® foundations had been installed, rather than permanently fixing them into the ground.

Rejuvo JPCS also manage the re-siting of the SIDs. Every three weeks, the data is downloaded from the machines, and the SIDs are then re-sited to the next location, as directed by the SCRP.

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