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Pothole repair

Case Study: Rejuvopatch® – award-winning approach to pothole repair


  • Project name: Pothole repair and prevention – highway and infrastructure renewal and maintenance investment programme
  • Client: Cheshire West and Chester Council/Bam Nuttall
  • Area: Chester City, Waverton, Guilden Sutton, Bunbury, Malpas and Hampton Heath, and other areas around Cheshire West and Chester
  • Date: 2009 – 2012

JPCS has worked closely with Cheshire West and Chester Council applying Rejuvopatch® as a pothole repair solution, as part of an ambitious highway and infrastructure renewal and maintenance investment programme. Rejuvopatch® is a unique pothole repair and carriageway defect repair product which provides a flexible, durable and cost-efficient repair and enhancement of carriageway assets. JPCS’ Rejuvo® range of products is used extensively on footways and carriageways around the UK by many Local Authorities, including Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Surrey County Council and East & West Sussex County Council.


Pothole repair services: areas throughout the county had a wide range of carriageway defects, including poor utility reinstatements, surface course oxidisation, fretting and numerous potholes, all requiring urgent maintenance with limited disruption.


After a visit to the site it was agreed that the innovative Rejuvopatch® would be the best product to address the defective areas of carriageway and undertake the required pothole repairs. A schedule of work was developed in line with the client’s requirements.

pothole repairs

All affected users were informed of the planned works. Initial site preparation was carried out to clearly mark the area that needed patching. The site was then cleaned to remove dirt and debris to ensure optimum adhesion and a tailored bonding coat was applied where required. The perimeter of the patches was taped prior to application, to ensure clean edges.

The Rejuvopatch® was specifically designed to address the local site requirements, mixed on site and hand applied in two passes to the area. The patch was then finished by brushing and the tape removed.

Evidence of improvement

Rejuvopatch 1

By selecting and using the innovative Rejuvopatch® system, JPCS provided a permanent patch repair to defective areas of carriageway, using a tried and tested process. The finish of the product is both aesthetically pleasing and hardwearing, permanently arresting deterioration and oxidisation.

Overall, it was a fast, long lasting and cost-effective solution that met the immediate and longer term requirements of the client, including pothole repair. The Council also received a national award for the standard and quality of the work in filling in reported potholes from the UK National Cyclists Organisation, also reaching the top of the league for both the ‘speed of fixing’ and ‘quality of repairs’ category (People’s Vote).

“Our focus is on asset management and value for money. We undertake permanent repairs where and whenever possible making sure that consideration is given to the treatments to ensure that they are appropriate to the road type and the longevity of the treatment. The Rejuvopatch product has flexibility and has been used over a number of years in the urban areas with great success.” — Kevin Carrol, Highway Manager for Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Key benefits

  • Rejuvopatch 2Permanent patch repair to defective areas of carriageway, using a tried and tested process
  • Prevention of further deterioration around the defect without the need for expensive and disruptive reconstruction
  • The pothole repair is a manual operation which does not use excessively large or noisy machinery
  • All the required plant and material for a project can be loaded onto a single large heavy goods vehicle and transported to the worksite
  • The laying process uses easily portable, manual machinery that can access difficult, restricted access sites
  • Since the pothole repair process is both manual and cold, there is very little aroma during the Before pothole repairsresurfacing operation
  • Fast installation
  • Minimal or no applicable waste – the process contains no harmful materials and does not constitute an environmental hazard
  • Environmentally-friendly process, cold applied, delivering significant reductions in CO2 emissions
  • Local community benefits: the process was carried out safely, with awareness of the local surroundings and heritage, and with minimum disruption to road users, pedestrians and local residents Area after pothole repairs
  • The area of carriageway was only closed for a short period of time, ready to drive on just two hours after the works had been completed, whereas the potential disruption caused by full reconstruction would be significantly increased
  • The finish of the product is both aesthetically pleasing and hardwearing, permanently arresting deterioration and oxidisation
  • Cost effective, with significant cost/budget savings – can be installed for 20% of the cost of full reconstruction
  • Improved public perception
  • Dramatic cuts in the whole life maintenance costs across carriageway assets.

“Rejuvopatch® provides another example of innovation and creativity within JPCS leading to a tangible product.” — The British Quality Foundation, 2011 UK Excellence Award Feedback Report