Potholes feature in top 10 of 50 British ‘bugbears’

pothole - road repair required

Potholes in our roads have made it to the top 10 in a list of the British public’s ‘bugbears’, a study covering 2000 UK adults, published by Skipton Building Society.

Potholes came 7th out of the 50 irritations, alongside spam emails and PPI texts, with pressure selling topping the list.

As well as potholes, other road related grievances cited by the British public include getting stuck behind really slow drivers, middle lane drivers, dog mess on the pavement, and parking over two spaces.

Peter Shone, managing director at JPCS said:

“Sadly, I am not surprised to see potholes feature this high up on the list. The UK’s road network is in need of serious attention – driving without hitting a pothole is impossible these days! As well as shrinking maintenance budgets, the pothole ‘epidemic’ has been intensified by a series of harsh winters damaging our roads and footpaths. Public perception – as this study clearly shows – as well as morale and trust have gone into a downward spiral, with compensation claims to local authorities rising fast as a result of neglected or poorly maintained roads.

“The number of potholes being filled is rising every year. This is clearly an indication of the current level of deterioration on our roads. Although under investment has had a significant part to play in recent years, the effects of harsh weather have really accelerated this, leaving authorities struggling to catch up and faced with a vicious circle.

“As for the dog mess on pavements, in our 20 years in business, we have covered more than 10,000 miles of footways, so we understand the issues that pedestrians face as well.”

Investment in UK’s highways is set to rise, however, with the recent Government Spending Review statement committing £100 billion to the infrastructure investment programme, with £10 billion assigned to highway maintenance and road repairs between 2015-16 and 2020-21.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Pressure selling – people continuously trying to sell you something you don’t want and haven’t asked about
2. Spam emails
3. Pushy sales people
4. The fact you can’t speak to anyone in this country when phoning a call centre
5. Being put on hold
6. Dog mess on the pavement
7. Pot holes in the road
8. PPI texts
9. When someone parks over two spaces in the car park
10. Getting stuck behind really slow drivers