Highway Maintenance

highway maintenance

Highway Maintenance

Sustainable infrastructure through highway maintenance 

The highway network is a vital part of the country’s infrastructure. As the largest public asset it is essential for our economy and communities to function. Following harsh weather periods, preventative highway maintenance is more important than ever in order to protect the highways from water ingress, freezing and thawing damage and becoming an unsafe or inefficient asset.

Through efficient highway maintenance we bring the highway engineer best value through long term value engineering and life cycle management, balancing optimum preventative maintenance with reactive repairs.

Highway maintenance – term contracts for local authorities

We undertake three types of road maintenance and footway maintenance for local authorities as part of highway maintenance arrangements, being:

  • Reactive highway maintenance – emergency and urgent road repairs and footway repairs due to serious and hazardous road defects and footway defects,  provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Planned highway maintenance – a cyclical programme of road and footway improvements, planned in advance following proactive highway inspections and surveys
  • Routine highway maintenance – minor highway maintenance works identified throughout the year.

The nature of highway maintenance works undertaken depends on the condition of the surface, the underlying structure and the topography of the area.

Delivering best value in highway maintenance

Providing dedicated and experienced highway maintenance engineers we balance the requirements of structure integrity requirements with maintenance strategies to maximise long term value for money.

We work in partnership with our clients to establish what budgets are available for highway maintenance and ensure an appropriate investment in planned programmes to minimise reactive repair spend. We make highways budgets go further through sensible investment and best value highways engineering.

We gain an excellent understanding of the locality and the needs and priorities of the area, which together with our product and services differentiation and commitment to continuous improvement, ensures we provide best value.

What our clients say

“JPCS have adopted a full and unreserved partnership approach to highway maintenance”
Keith Scott, Surrey County Council