The Project

To provide a cost-effective, long term solution for Cheshire West and Chester Council’s backlog of potholes. The solution had to repair the existing defects while preventing further deterioration to allow the authority to catch up with the backlog.  

The Challenges:

The authority had a limited budget in place for the extent of their repair requirements, meaning a highly cost-effective solution was needed.

The repairs needed to be carried out alongside the council’s preventative maintenance programme, so a solution that could address both elements was essential. Disruption was to be kept to a minimum for the community, with the end results to improve public perception of the authority.

Rejuvopatch is an exclusive “once and done” road patching and road repair product, designed both as an immediate pothole repair solution or as a surface treatment solution.

The client realised that on many roads requiring attention both of these qualities are needed, if repeat complaints and visits are to be avoided, thereby saving on overall cost.

The strategy was to provide a permanent patching solution to the defects and prevent future failure by sealing and waterproofing the surrounding areas to avoid any further deterioration.

This is best practice over simply carrying out a short-term reactive pothole repair. Rejuvopatch, a bespoke and specially mixed cold micro asphalt solution, was used to provide these two functions. As it is quickly applied, there is minimal disruption to the local community, while providing aesthetically pleasing results.

The Result

As a result of Rejuvo JPCS applying Rejuvopatch to the carriageways in need of repair throughout Cheshire West and Chester, the following benefits were realised:

  • Because Rejuvopatch can be laid for a quarter of the cost of conventional methods – without compromising on quality – it enabled the partnership to cover a much larger area with their budget, significantly contributing to the management of the asset.
  • Overall, the council is seeing the numbers of potholes reducing despite the two recent severe winters. Rejuvopatch provided a fast, long lasting and cost-effective solution that met the immediate and longer-term requirements of the council, with dramatic cuts in the whole life maintenance costs across carriageway assets. The council now undertake 24% less reactive work* than they did in 2011, whilst increasing the area of treated road within the annual maintenance budget.
  • Quick installation meant far less disruption to the local community.
  • Public perception for the council has vastly improved. CTC, the national cycling charity, issue a national “pothole league table” as part of their “Fill That Hole” campaign, which is currently the only statistic/indicator of local authority performance on pothole repairs in the UK. In 2011, the council received their national award for the standard and quality of the work, also reaching the top of the league for both the ‘speed of fixing’ and ‘quality of repairs’ category (People’s Vote). Two years on, the council are still top of the league table with 100% repairs using Rejuvopatch.

*Data from CTC Fill that Hole Website based on a sample percentage of reported potholes on primarily minor roads, year on year.

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