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Cadland Estate Solar Farm completed

Case Study: 5MWp ground mounted solar pv farm at Cadland Estate – the biggest solar farm in the UK


  • Completed projectClient: Anesco
  • Project name: 5MWp ground mounted solar pv
  • Location: Cadland Estate, Fawley, Hampshire
  • Date: June 2012 (completed in four weeks)
  • Project size: 5MWp ground mounted solar pv farm
  • Groundscrews used: 4760
  • FLEXIII Framing: 9.2km
  • Modules: 17,865
  • Trenching: 1,432m


  • Building the UK’s biggest ground mounted solar pv farm to date on tight timescales, with exceptional quality expectations and low impact to the Cadland Estate’s landscape
  • Adverse weather – the wettest June on record since 1910 – resulting in
    poor ground conditions leading to a longer than programmed amount of time on site.
Adverse ground conditions on site
Adverse weather and poor ground conditions


  • The ground mounted solar pv farm at the Cadland Estate in Fawley was constructed on JPCS’ sustainable foundation system, Groundscrew, securing 18,000 solar panels
  • Using Groundscrew was a real benefit for this ground mounted solar pv Ground conditions on siteproject, particularly due to the unfavourable weather experienced during installation, given the tight timescales. Groundscrew is not as weather dependant as traditional foundation systems, requiring no excavation or concreting and is used where small concrete pads would usually be cast. Using concrete in these circumstances would have caused significant delays (installers would have to wait for dry weather to pour the concrete) or driven up the cost of the works by making pre cast concrete off site. Despite the  ground conditions, 141 ground screws were installed per day (on average), equating to around 14 ground screws per hour – still faster than traditional concrete with standard conditions. With optimum ground conditions, up to 500 ground screws could be installed each day, using two KR55 machines
  • Using Groundscrew meant that all work was completed on schedule in just four weeks, in time for the original commissioning date
  • Environmental sustainability: Groundscrew is made from 75 per cent recycled steel. As a concrete-free process, the Groundscrew installation is a sustainable process, carried out with little machinery, reduced vibration and noise, and minimum impact on the landscape
  • Community sustainability: the biggest ground mounted solar pv farm in the UK to date, the landmark 30 acre project at the Cadland Estate will generate enough electricity to power 1,000 homes and created 90 temporary jobs and 10 permanent jobs for the renewables division at JPCS.

Installing the groundscrew foundationInstalling the solar panels






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