Case studies

10mwp ground mounted solar farm

Case Study: 10MWp ground mounted solar pv


ground mounted solar Owl's Lodge

  • Client: Anesco
  • Project name: Owls Lodge: 10MWp ground mounted solar pv
  • Location: Andover, Hampshire
  • Date: February 2013 (completed in 11 weeks)
  • Project size: 10.004MWp ground mounted solar pv farm
  • Groundscrews used: 9,644
  • FLEXIII Framing: 17,190m
  • Modules: 35,104
  • Scope: Supply and installation of ground mounted solar framing and installation of free issue modules.

Challenges and outcomes

  • ground mounted solar Feb 2013One of the five largest ground mounted solar projects completed in the UK, the project required a quality system and installation, as well as fast completion. The project was completed using the best quality solar PV system in the UK, Groundscrew, in just 11 weeks
  • Due to the limited space on the site, the client needed to dig and bury cables through the middle of the arrays. This meant that there was a section on most of the 66 rows where we could not use any type of penetrative foundation due to the buried cables. We overcame this by using surface mounted concrete blocks in these areas as ballasted foundations, with 136 deployed on site. Using the concrete blocks enabled the client to get all the capacity out of the field without the need to build in a trenching gap, while maintaining the exact same line of FLEXIII above the blocks to support the modules and maintain the appearance of the site.


  • ground mounted solarFast construction – 10MWp built on schedule, in 11 weeks, despite one of the harshest winters for 50 years
  • Environmental sustainability, using the innovative Groundscrew and minimising the need for concrete foundations
  • Reduced impact on the landscape
  • Quality and durability, with a 20 year guarantee and anticipated 50 years lifetime in the ground
  • Improved safety – structurally tested and certified to stringent guidelines
  • Consistent and reliable foundation performance.