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Surface treatment process

A Customers Perspective – Mike Gower, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Mike Gower from Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council talks about what it’s like to work with JPCS and gives a customer’s perspective on our road surfacing services.

What were the reasons why you chose JPCS?

A gap existed in the maintenance techniques available for deteriorating footways, between slurry seal and full reconstruction. Where surfaces had deteriorated too far for slurry seal, the only option was reconstruction which is very expensive. JPCS had developed a footway microasphalt (Rejuvoflex) which could cope with more significant levels of deterioration, giving significant cost savings.

What do you do and how long have you worked for Dudley MBC?

Team Manager – Works Management, which means that I am responsible for the procurement and management of all highway maintenance works undertaken within the Borough of Dudley by external contractors. I joined Dudley just over five years ago having previously worked for a civil engineering consultancy.

In your opinion what differentiates JPCS from other providers?

JPCS have developed Rejuvoflex which not only gives a cost effective alternative to reconstruction for footways with moderate levels of deterioration, but also provides a sustainable solution by incorporating rubber crumb produced from scrap car tyres.

Dudley utilise our client access portal. How has this benefited the contract? 

This website provides us with quick access to the latest scheme quotations from JPCS plus the relevant health and safety site plans.

What would your comments be regarding the product and service quality provided by JPCS?

The operatives employed by JPCS are very experienced in laying these footway materials and we have been very happy with the quality and durability of the finished surface. Also it is rare that we receive any complaints from local residents during the work which indicates that there is a good level of communication from the company and the work is well planned.

Anything that JPCS can improve on?

Weed growth in footways is a continual problem. However there is strict legislation controlling the chemicals that can be used on footways so it appears unlikely that this is a problem that can be readily resolved.

The current economic climate has and will continue to present budget challenges for highway engineers. Slurry Sealing is a practical cost effective method of maintaining a footway network.  Do you see Dudley continuing at current annual levels or increasing the use of this methodology?

Slurry sealing and microasphalt are considered in Dudley to be cost effective treatments for extending the life of the Boroughs footways and as such is likely to continue at present levels subject to the availability of current budgetary provision.