JPCS unveils vehicle to revolutionise traffic management

traffic management services vehicle

CIVIL engineering and highways maintenance contractor, JPCS, has developed a custom-made vehicle which will revolutionise vehicle restraint systems and traffic management work.

Designed by the firm’s Traffic Management and Vehicle Restraint Systems (TM/VRS) team, the new vehicle concept combines the features of two separate vehicles, thereby reducing labour, fuel and maintenance costs as well as minimising the environmental impact.

The custom-made vehicle incorporates a barrier rig for VRS and crash impact protection for traffic management. It has also be designed with twin barrier hammers for repairing barriers, an in- built compressor, remote control hiab , tower lights, generator powerpoints, as well a storage area for cones, signs and VRS components.

Peter Shone, managing director of JPCS, said: “This has been a complex project which required significant planning but it has certainty been worth it. The annual fuel cost savings alone are £15,000 and we predict JPCS will be able to generate a total of £30,000 worth of savings every year through the new vehicle. This means we will be able to offer a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to local authorities and contractors.

“We’ve taken a collaborative approach for this project, spending time consulting with all stakeholders, from local councils, on the ground operatives and the vehicle manufacturer.  All levels of our team have been involved in the vehicle development and this is why I believe we’ve been able to create such unique design which is completely fit for purpose.”

JPCS’ TM/VRS team works with local authorities and contractors across the UK providing services such as repairs to highways after accidents to construction of new roads. The new vehicle will be starting work on an existing Balfour Beatty contract on the A50 and then rolled out across the Highways Agency network.

JPCS is a nationwide contractor, delivering safe and sustainable civil engineering and maintenance services to the public and private sectors, across the highways, rail and energy markets. The company maintains the highways and byways of the UK and has a growing reputation for the robustness of its service, its use of environmentally friendly products from recycled sources and its product innovation.