Make do and Mend with Rejuvopatch®

pothole repair

Make do and Mend with Rejuvopatch®

benefitsWith budgets shrinking and the pothole problem growing, local authorities are left wondering how they’ll “make do” with their resource. Mending the defects with a long term approach is the solution to this problem.

An exclusive “once and done” road patching and road repair product, Rejuvopatch® is designed both as an immediate pothole repair or as a surface treatments solution.

A bespoke, specially mixed cold micro-asphalt, the product is quickly applied, maximising safety, whilst minimising disruption.

Because Rejuvopatch® acts as a waterproof sealant, it stays in the pothole, and often outlasts the surrounding surface. Rejuvopatch® can be applied all year round.

Watch our pothole repair video using Rejuvopatch® at at a site in Winsford.

Find out more: email or call 01948 820696, to speak to our highways team or to arrange a trial.

horizontal blue linePut a stop to the problem – in the long term

Repair, seal and improve the network to prevent deterioration and reduce the number of potholes and reactive works year on year by up to 30% – all with just one product

Make do with your budget – 4 x more repairs

A long term, preventative, no excavation patching solution, Rejuvopatch® costs 4 x less than conventional patching, avoiding quick ‘fixes’ and expensive reconstruction

Mend and reinforce the roads – to save building new

Rejuvopatch® is a tried and test, improved maintenance system that repairs, waterproofs, and dramatically reduces reactive works, making the network – and your budgets – last longer.


What our clients say

"The Rejuvopatch product has flexibility and has been used over a number of years in the urban areas with great success.”
Kevin Carrol, Highway Manager for Cheshire West and Chester Council