Surface Treatments


Surface Treatments

Well maintained roads are a vital part of our economy and JPCS has been sustaining local communities with durable road and footway surface treatments since 1993. Specialising in the design, manufacture, supply and application of a range of cold, hand applied surface treatment products and road repair solutions specially designed to suit a range of surface defects, our slurry seal and hand applied microasphalt surfacing treatments are accredited to the National Sector Scheme 13, BBA HAPAS and ISO 9001.

Hand applied micro asphalt and road repair specialist

A specialist in micro asphalt and road repair, we waterproof the road structure as well as restoring the surface texture with a high surface regularity finish. In our long 20 year history we have become the market leader for cold, hand applied surface treatments through focusing on customer service and engineering with materials and processes to deliver long term value for money.

Sustainable research and development

Our engineers continuously improve our surface treatment products through material refinement and application improvement, creating an environment of ongoing innovation.  Through an inherent process of product development and improvement, our customers can be assured of unrivalled products and processes for road repairs and treatment of footway defects.

Hand applied micro asphalt and slurry seal

Slurry seal microsurfacing incorporates bitumen emulsion and fine graded aggregates with fillers. It reprofiles existing road surfaces to restore texture and improve skid resistance.

As our range of micro and slurry surfacing processes is a manual operation, it consequently does not use excessively large or noisy machinery. All the requirements for a project can be loaded onto a single large heavy goods vehicle or 3.5t pickup and transported to the work site. Our smaller pedestrian mixers can be used both alongside very busy roadways and inaccessible sites, with minimal disruption to road users, pedestrians and local residents.

Whilst we apply bespoke surface treatment products appropriate for the road or footway defect, we also have a number of core surface treatments and road repair solutions, which are included below. All our slurry sealing and microasphalt products are accredited to the National Sector Scheme 13, BBA HAPAS and ISO 9001 and our Mileflex, Rejuvoflex, Milephalt, Milemak and Rejuvopatch products are CE Marked.

Our suite of products is engineered to maximise your budget. We offer standard 6mm and 10mm surface treatments, as well as two-coat 15mm solutions. In addition, we can provide specialist fibre and latex enhanced products.

Footway products

We provide a CE marked solution for low/mild, moderate and severe deterioration:

  • Mileflex® – 6mm slurry offering cost-effective treatment to preserve integrity and appearance
  • Milephalt® – enhanced 6mm slurry for cost-effective treatment of moderate signs of deterioration
  • Rejuvoflex® – enhanced 10mm slurry for cost-effective treatment of severe signs of deterioration

Two-coat reinforced products for footways
In order to deliver optimum value for money and products which prolong the lifecycle of assets by up to 20 years, we have developed two-coat products for footways – Milemak® and Rejuvomak® – which are laid at a minimum of 15mm thickness, with enhanced fibre technology. Rejuvomak® is also enhanced with strengthening agents
to maximise durability.

Carriageway products 

Our carriageway products – Rejuvophalt® and Rejuvopatch® – deliver outstanding results and value for money for road repairs. Rejuvopatch® is an exclusive “once and done” road patching and road repair product, designed both for immediate pothole repairs or for surface treatments, working effectively at varying depths.

“An added benefit of using effective proprietary products such as Rejuvopatch in rural and residential locations is that valuable core funding is released for reconstruction on strategic routes.” — Steve Kent, Strategic Advisor at Cheshire West & Chester Council, President of ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport), and Advocate at Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP).

For more information, please download our specialist surfacing brochure and slurry seal information sheet.

What our clients say

"The [ slurry sealing] works [JPCS] carried out to bring the footpaths up to an acceptable standard has been excellent”
Andy Smith, Watford Borough Council