Our experience of product development and surfacing applications, gained from many years working in the highways sector, provides JPCS with leading industry experience in all areas of rail resurfacing.

JPCS has developed a range of flexible slurries, micro asphalts and surfacing products, designed to treat all rail surface areas in all locations.

We undertake surface improvements and resurfacing services for station platforms, footbridges, pedestrian footways, car parks and access roads, and provide:

  • Surfacing
  • Resurfacing, including new kerbing and channels and drainage
  • Overlay surface treatments
  • Crack and pothole repairs.

Resurfacing including new kerbing and channels and drainage

We undertake a range of resurfacing services including undertaking a traditional process of soft excavation and resurfacing with dense bitumen macadam and top layer recycling – recycling the surface materials and applying a new surface.

We are also experienced in the construction and reconstruction rail road schemes, including drainage design and installation, channelling and kerbing.

Overlay surface treatments

JPCS design, develop and apply a range of surface treatment products as an overlay solution for footways, roads and car parks showing either early or advanced signs of deterioration. The overlay surface treatment is applied using a layer of dense bitumen macadam over the existing surface course and the thickness is relative to the surface defects.

As a specialist microasphalt and slurry seal company, we provide hand applied surface treatments of a mixture of finely graded aggregates and bitumen emulsion to seal the existing wearing course. Ideal for footways and footbridges and difficult areas, such as platforms, access ramps and high platforms, as the processes is manual and does not use excessively large or noisy machinery, our treatment programmes provide minimal disruption to rail users, pedestrians and train operators.

Crack and pothole repairs

We provide cost effective and sustainable methods of carrying out a wide range of repairs to surface defects within bituminous bound surfaces. Using our exclusive Rejuvopatch product, we provide an innovative solution to treat road repairs, footways repair and pothole repairs on the rail surface network. For surface cracks and fretted joints up to 40mm, we also use durable and sustainable cost-effective joint and crack sealing products. Please visit the road repair and crack repair area for further information.