Ground Mounted Solar

With an impressive portfolio of ground mounted solar PV projects, from small installations to large scale ground mounted PV solar farms, JPCS delivers ground mounted PV services in UK for the private and public sectors – with unbeatable construction programme timescales.

JPCS is the largest UK based specialist contractor of ground mounted PV systems – having completed over 10MWp of ground mounted solar PV projects in 2011 alone, and a total of 20MWp to date, since the first installation trials with Groundscrew® in 2010. We have the capacity to deliver over 1.5MWp of ground mounted solar PV installations per week and the ability to meet any demand.

Our service delivery is focused on client requirements, quality outcomes and exceptional customer care. All our ground solar installations are undertaken by a highly skilled workforce, combined with effective resource and project management, and superior products. In addition, we have a track record of prompt mobilisation and even faster construction programmes for any ground mounted PV system.

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Innovative PV mounting systems

Exclusively distributed and installed in the UK by JPCS, the innovative Groundscrew® and FLEXIII® systems are designed to maximise productivity, sustainability, and value for money.

Our Groundscrew® has been tested and used for over 10 years across Europe as a ground mounted PV system foundation and was used to install 200MW in 2011 alone. Groundscrew® is widely used across the world market and by playing a leading role in the ground mounted solar industry is the UK system of choice.

An ISO certified ground mounted PV system, Groundscrew® is structurally tested and certified to stringent guidelines. As well as a full two year warranty on all ground mounted PV installations with subsequent inspection, Groundscrew® and FLEXIII® also benefit from a 20 year Krinner manufacturers’ warranty on manufacturing faults and material failure.

Some of the benefits of Groundscrew® solar photovoltaic include clean, fast and easy installation and removal, no excavation or concreting, as well as no landfill. Although it has a life span of up to 50 years, Groundscrew® can be completely and easily removed as required, with minimum impact to the surroundings, so that the land used for solar farming can be quickly returned to its original use.

FLEXIII®is a lightweight, high strength, modular panel support for solar PV mounting systems, specifically designed as a connection between the Groundscrew® and the solar PV panel. Some of the benefits of FLEXIII®include simple and fast installation, flexible rail positions to suit solar panel size, and flexible support frame spacing to suit wind loading.

Impressive scale and unbeatable construction programme timescales

The Groundscrew® and FLEXIII® ground mounted PV system foundation has been used to build two of the UK’s largest solar farms.

A typical 50kW solar installation using the Groundscrew® and FLEXIII® system takes two and a half days to complete – a significant time reduction when compared to traditional concrete foundations for PV mounting systems – with uncompromising quality.

Ground mounted solar PV installation

Since 2011, we have installed some of the UK’s largest solar farms, including a 4.1MWp project for British Gas in Derbyshire at the Toyota car plant, and a 5MWp project for Anesco at the Cadland Estate in Fawley. Visit our case studies area for more information about our ground mounted solar projects.

The short video below illustrates the process and some of the benefits of using Krinner ground screws for ground mounted solar projects.

About solar PV

Solar PV is a low carbon renewable technology that generates electricity directly from sunlight, using photovoltaic cells. Solar photovoltaic installations are a popular choice of renewable energy technology due to legislation, regulation, and environmental concerns.

Photovoltaic technology brings significant savings to users by generating electricity on site, other than relying on electricity from the grid. Photovoltaic technology can also provide a cost effective solution in areas where connection to the grid is more expensive or less practicable, such as remote locations.

What our clients say

"We were one of the first ground mounted solar projects in the UK. We are very pleased with the system and the installation."
Shaun Hawkey, The Olde House