JPCS in the Community

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This section covers both environmental and community sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

In order to minimise our impact on the environment and prolong the life of the infrastructure we recognise the need for positive interventions. This is reflected in our vision – we create the difference to sustain the environment.

JPCS has a full Environmental Management System which includes our Environmental Policy and outlines our commitment to working in an environmentally sustainable manner, backed by our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation which has been held for over 12 years. As part of our environmental commitment, we continually assess our products and services to ensure that we always work to minimise our carbon footprint.

Some examples of positive action we have taken to minimise our impact on the environment include:

  • Helping buildings to become energy efficient by delivering pioneering renewable energy solutions and using building materials that are sensitive to the environment
  • Manufacturing safe and sustainable products, including the development of cold mix microasphalts that produce less CO2 per tonne than traditional hot mix surfacing materials, so the levels of embedded carbon and energy associated with maintenance works is dramatically reduced
  • Using recycled aggregates in our footpath reconstruction products, including rubber tyres used as rubber crumb in our Rejuvo range of cold mix microasphalts, as well as spoil recycling
  • Promoting sustainable technologies and products, including Groundscrew, which is made from 75% recycled, with a life span of up to 50 years. The installation process also eliminates the need for concreting, associated waste, and landfill requirements
  • Signs decluttering
  • Company-wide recycling and waste minimisation schemes
  • Implementation of our “WasteWise” lean programme, centred around lean process management, waste/cost reduction and generating efficiencies
  • Promoting sustainable travel, including programming of works to enable route optimisation, home working policy, and procurement of fuel efficient vehicles with reduced CO² emissions
  • Embracing e-management in relation to all aspects of contract management and working with clients to reduce paper use, for example through the development of our online client portals
  • Assessing environmental practices as part of the selection of suppliers
  • Taking part in initiatives such as Big Energy Saving Week and Climate Week to raise awareness and drive environmental commitment
  • Providing sophisticated waste management and safe working practices.

Local sustainability

We work in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure that the benefits of contract investment extend to local people, economy, society, and environment, helping to create safe and sustainable communities. We use every contract as an opportunity to build and develop sustainable communities, for example by:

  • Working with clients to understand agendas and strategic priorities, including involvement in sustainable action plan and environment improvement programmes
  • Working with stakeholders to understand local needs, for example high levels of unemployment, or multi-ethnicity
  • Utilising local resources and providing high levels of local employment opportunities to ensure that our delivery team is representative of the local community
  • Facilitating employment development by providing the local workforce with apprenticeships, ongoing training and up-skilling to fulfil their potential, for example training new operatives in the area to receive CSCS qualification
  • Utilising local supply chain partners
  • Delivering safe and innovative solutions with long lasting impact
  • Engaging and empowering communities and participating in local fundraising, sponsorship and community initiatives
  • Supporting charitable events
  • Helping communities value diversity and live and work harmoniously
  • Holding events across our regional office areas to encourage cohesion and involvement, whilst raising funds for local community projects.

What our clients say

“A comprehensive approach to laying the foundations for sustained improvements across the business and its supply chain including health and safety”
Joy Jones, HM Principal Inspector, HSE