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Excellence programme

Our Excellence Programme

JPCS operates on an excellence model, endorsed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Our EFQM journey in the pursuit for excellence has enabled us to analyse our business and identify our strengths and opportunities for improvement.

The nine EFQM criteria – Leadership, Strategy, People, Partnerships & Resources, Processes, Products and Services, Customer Results, People Results, Society Results, and Key Results – have become integrated into our culture and the way we run our business. Each time we have been assessed against the EFQM framework, we analyse the findings and plan for improvement. This has included working on partnerships with clients and our supply chain.

Applying EFQM building blocks to business operations has enabled sustained growth across the highways, rail and energy markets, and development of our products and services to meet our clients’ requirements, while keeping in touch with our roots as a dynamic and flexible SME.

Following 4 Star Recognition in 2011, in 2013, we were awarded 5 Star Recognition as part of the programme, following a thorough assessment process. This was ahead of a Jury Commendation for Innovation at the UK Excellence Awards 2013. We also received a Jury Commendation for our Leadership at the UK Excellence Awards in 2011.

The most important outcome of our Excellence Programme is to add real value for our customers, creating another building block in our programme of continuous improvement. As a result of our dedication to excellence in service delivery, as well as agility and flexibility in the marketplace, we deliver a standard of service that meets and exceeds clients’ expectations – setting us apart from our competitors.

What our clients say

“There is clearly a culture in place whereby good ideas are encouraged and existing company knowledge and networks are used to develop and turn them into reality”
The British Quality Foundation