JPCS in the Community

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JPCS in the Community

“If you stand on the road wearing a yellow jacket, people will come out of their homes and give you the sort of end-user feedback that money can’t buy.”  — Peter Shone, Managing Director, JPCS

Our vision drives a culture and behaviour that is focussed on delivering sustainable solutions and our management team has a strong track record in generating, implementing and sharing new ideas that positively contribute to communities.

From our commitment to the environment and local sustainability we embrace the three Ps:

  • People – engaging and empowering communities to be become involved in decisions
  • Places – helping homes, buildings and infrastructure to become energy efficient by using materials that are sensitive to the environment. Providing sophisticated waste management and safe working practices
  • Prosperity – providing employment and skills opportunities and facilitating career development through ongoing training, up-skilling and opportunities to fulfil potential.

We are committed to building and developing sustainable communities through utilising self-delivery models based on providing local employment and training opportunities and utilising local resources.