About Us



How we work

We have well embedded policies and procedures within all areas of our business, to ensure legal and industry compliance and to provide guidance to all stakeholders.

Our policies and procedures are supported and regulated by robust management systems, developed and refined around our culture of continuous improvement. Our management systems have an unrivalled maturity achieving ISO 9001 accreditation for our Quality Management Systems in 1994, within less than a year of establishing the business.

We ensure we manage the effectiveness of our services and constructively challenge all of our structures and processes to deliver continuous improvement and client satisfaction and we work closely with our clients and supply chain to gauge quality expectations and establish benchmarks.

Policy documents

To request a copy of a JPCS Policy, please email enquiry@jpcs.co.uk.

What our clients say

“There is clearly a culture in place whereby good ideas are encouraged and existing company knowledge and networks are used to develop ideas and turn them into reality”
The British Quality Foundation