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History - timeline


Our beginnings

Download the JPCS History Timeline in pdf format.

Family business origins

JPCS was founded in 1993 by Peter Shone and James Clarke, originally as a footway slurry sealing operation. Peter and James were on a mission to transform footway surfacing from a rather “scruffy” industry, into something much more high profile, offering excellent value and quality of service, as well as investing in the future.

As the business grew, and through engineering with engineers, JPCS manufactured  new products and services in the quest to deliver best value for the customer, centred on technical know-how and training, good communication, commitment to quality, constant monitoring and improving effective working practices, and a focus on a top quality end product and service. In 2004 Peter became managing director and took full control of the business in 2008.

Peter developed the business on an excellence model from 2006, endorsed by the British Quality Foundation, leading growth across the highways, rail and energy markets through applying the JPCS Excellence model.

In over 20 years we have become the market leader for cold, hand applied surface treatments through focusing on customer service and engineering with materials and processes to deliver long term value for money. Our Rejuvo® products are accredited to the National Sector Scheme 13, BBA HAPAS and CE Marked.

Engineering with engineers

We continued to build and develop the business throughout the nineties and had significant success when the cable TV companies and local authorities required pavements to be dug up and resurfaced. Again, we benefited by concentrating on quality, saving the network by resurfacing the entire pavement, not just the trench area – and by doing a good job for local authorities we were then invited to work on   adjoining roads, carriageways, and neighbouring areas.


We have always learnt by experts coming into our business and auditing us. This helps us improve our business.

Doing more for less

Through our experience of providing materials and services to repair and refurbishing roads, pavements and footpaths, we then moved into other specialist highway engineering areas, including sign installation, winter maintenance, traffic management and vehicle restraint systems.

Rail – VIP/Royal visit to Crosby Crosby Station

Our success within highways construction led us into rail services and we became one of the first rail contractors in our field with RISQS (Link-up) approved status. Our Rejuvo® products are mending, saving and strenthening platforms, access roads and car parks.

Energy – Groundscrew®

Using the Groundscrew® product – widely used on the highway to install road signs and street furniture and in the rail environment to install platform furniture and signage – we applied the engineering technology to provide innovative ground mounting systems for renewable energy. While leading the renewable solar market’s introduction in the UK we installed 100MW in the first few years. In 2011, we installed the first major ground mounted project at Toyota with British Gas.

Speed indication devices (SIDS)

We utilise Groundscrew® to install  speed indication devices (SIDs) on hinged posts,  enabling the SIDs to be moved periodically across a number of pre-determined locations. Groundscrew® is a concrete-free ground foundation system, designed to maximise productivity, sustainability, and value for money.

What our clients say

My one wish would be for there to be more companies like JPCS within the highway maintenance industry."
Stuart Smith, Maintenance Manager, West Sussex County Council