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Case Study: Installation of containers for biomass boilers


biomass boilers ground screwWood Energy Ltd chose JPCS’ Groundscrew® as the preferred solution for sub-structural support on their award winning Green Heat Module pre-fabricated plant rooms for biomass boilers.

  • Project name: Biomass Boiler/Green Heat Module installation
  • Client: Wood Energy/RES On-Site. Wood Energy supply the award winning Green Heat Module – a range of modularised pre-fabricated plant rooms which are intended as initial fit or replacement boiler rooms for a wide range of heating and hot water generation applications, including biomass boilers. The Green Heat Modules use wood chip and pellet fuel and are eligible for funding under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.
  • Location: Kent
  • Date: August 2012
  • Project size: 199kW commercial biomass boiler
  • Groundscrews® used: 8 No KSF F 140×2100 Groundscrews®.


  • On replacement projects, Wood Energy wanted a time and cost effective solution to the issues of sub-structural support for installation of biomass boilers
  • The work was due to be carried out at a college site in Kent. The majority of the work on site had to be carried out during the summer holiday period, for maximum safety on site and minimal disruption to staff and pupils
  • The foundation used was required to bear a load of 15,000kg.
  • The area chosen for the installation is crossed by water, electric and gas services which meant that there was no possibility for a traditional concrete foundation
  • There were no available service plans

Solutionbiomass boilers ground screw green heat module

  • JPCS provided Groundscrew® as the solution for the Green Heat Module installation
  • This Green Heat Module was a 199kW boiler inside a custom made modular plantroom (7.2×3×3.4), with an operational weight of 15,000kg
  • For this application, JPCS supplied and installed 8 No KSF F 140×2100 Groundscrews® through tarmac
  • JPCS were able to provide a full service search using both Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar systems to determine that each of the Groundscrew® positions was safe for installation
  • The tarmac was first core drilled, leaving 8 very clean holes, slightly bigger than the screw diameter. The Groundscrews® were then installed into the pre-cored holes
  • Cover plates were fitted to the top of the screw to stop debris getting into the screws between the Groundscrew and Green Heat Module installation
  • The Green Heat Module was fitted onto the Groundscrews, linking in to the existing boiler system, replacing all gas/oil boilers on site.


  • Safe, quick and easy to install: the Groundscrews® were installed in one day – considerably quicker than concrete – and before the start of term, as per the client requirements
  • Concrete free: no excavation or wet trades
  • A low impact, vibration free process
  • Reduced impact to the landscape
  • All installation tasks resulted in zero disruption to the college’s operation, with no disruption to services
  • Sub-structure provision enabled the Green Heat Module delivery to be completed to programme target
  • Satisfied client and end user customer.