Rejuvo JPCS receives triple recognition of excellence


Rejuvo JPCS have received a triple recognition of excellence at the finals for the prestigious UK Excellence award. Pictured above are (L-R) Karren Brady, Peter Shone, Rosie Shanks along with members of the Rejuvo JPCS team.

Not only were Rejuvo JPCS a finalist for the coveted UK Excellence Award, but the judges awarded Rejuvo JPCS the Jury Commendation for “consistent, inspirational and visionary leadership that encourages others to give their best.”

Rejuvo JPCS also received Excellence 600 accreditation for achieving over 600 points in the audit against the EFQM Excellence Model.

During the award ceremony, Karren Brady said “Rejuvo JPCSa small enterprise that specialises in ‘waterproofing tarmac’. The assessors thought particular strengths were that Rejuvo  JPCS leadership continues to grow with leaders being role models for others and that Rejuvo JPCS have “good relations with current customers and a good understanding of the customer needs.”  “The Jury this year wanted to give a special commendation to one organisation in particular. This organisation impressed them with a degree of leadership shown in an environment where inspiring people on a daily basis that are spread over a wide geographical area is not easy! Many people have been with the business for many years and talk about the ‘family’ atmosphere and culture. Leadership has  introduced approaches to inspiring people and growing talents not normally seen in this industry.”

Peter Shone, Director, added “We started our Excellence journey 10 years and it has been an amazing journey. At the beginning I was puzzled how the highest achieving organisations were making the model work for them. For the middle years as we grew the model became our conscience as it always had the answers to our issues. At this time we tried a bit too hard to win points in our assessment, slightly forcing things. When the assessors came in this year it was very different. The audit this year just flowed, like a duck to water. The assessors felt like part of the family because we all understood it and Excellence flows. It is so exciting having done the hard yards and at times it was like walking through treacle. Now our clients can look forward to  continually developing products and service, dependably and reliably delivered.”

Rejuvo JPCS began their commitment to excellence which formally started in 2006, achieving EFQM Recognised for Excellence – 4 star rating in 2010 and EFQM – Recognised for Excellence – 5 star rating in 2013.

The UK Excellence Award is one of the highest honours any organisation can achieve. Launched in 1994 by BQF, it recognises those who have demonstrated excellence across their business.