Report it! line extended to clients to improve safety and quality performance (blog post)

Director Jenny Neville (centre) with highways operatives at a site safety inspection in April 2013

by Jenny Neville, Director

In January 2013, we introduced a 24 hour, 7 days a week reporting line – Report it! Employees and subcontractors working for JPCS can report accidents, non-conformances, and near hits, as well as complaints received from third parties, all across the UK, and in real time. The aim of the initiative was to increase right first time, as well as improve outcomes in safety and quality across the company. We are now pleased to extend the initiative to our clients, to continue to generate improvements in these areas, which are key priorities within our business.

Historically, we operated a paper based system for reporting all non-conformances and near hits, which proved time consuming and led to delays in communicating information company-wide. The new Report it! initiative provides quick and easy, on-site reporting of all non-conformances and near hits as they happen, as well as accidents, complaints and suggestions. The information supplied to the Report it! phone line is sent immediately by email to our compliance team at the JPCS office for timely action, whereas in the past, non-conformances and near hits could take up to one week – sometimes longer – to be reported. However, since the launch of the Report it! line, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of reports made by site based operatives – by a 129% when compared to site based usage to last year. The initiative was also awarded Runner-up in the Health and Safety Innovations category at the 2013 RSTA Annual Health & Safety Awards.

Following the success of Report it, we are now extending the initiative to our clients, since we believe that by working closely with our stakeholders, we can build on further opportunities for improvement in behaviour, attitudes and outcomes in safety and quality. Every report logged by a client will be investigated and the outcomes communicated within 28 days. The results of all investigations will help to challenge existing behaviour, as well as to shape and improve our policies, procedures, safe systems of work.

We really want to make JPCS a safe place to work and to keep our sites safe for all users. We are looking forward to working with our stakeholders to continually improve our safety and quality performance through our Report it! line.

And of course, if you would like to report a non-conformance, near hit, accident, complaint, or make a suggestion, do call our Report it! line on 01978 229544!

I would also love to hear your feedback on our initiative, so email me your thoughts: or tweet me @_JennyNeville.