JPCS at worldwide Groundscrew conference

Krinner conference

JPCS has been sharing best practice about Groundscrew with partners from around the world at the 2013 Krinner International Sales Summit.

Held in Abu Dhabi in January, the summit brought together Krinner partners worldwide, including Czech Republic, France, UK, North America, Canada, MEA, Asia and Japan.

Michael Krinner (founder), Hans-Jürgen Sauter (CEO) and Peter Hamer (head of Krinner Groundscrew) attended to represent Krinner’s headquarters in Germany.

Peter Shone, Managing Director of JPCS attended the event representing the UK. Peter said:

“Getting together with Krinner partners worldwide was a great experience. I am proud to be part of a team who embrace simplcity and innovation.”

The summit included exhibitions, workshops and presentations on sales development and forecast, investment, and markets. JPCS’ shared some of its secrets for success in using Groundscrew in the UK over last 7 years, including employment of experienced contractors, using the correct equipment, and involvement at earliest stage of the project.

JPCS is the exclusive installer of the Krinner Groundscrew in the UK. JPCS is a nationwide contractor, delivering safe and sustainable civil engineering and maintenance services to the public and private sectors, across the highways, rail and energy markets.