JPCS welcomes road traffic signs de-cluttering proposals

Countryside road traffic signs have been put into the spotlight, with a new focus on removing unnecessary items to reduce clutter on the network.

Speaking at the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) conference in London, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said:

“New signs seem to sprout like weeds, without any apparent consideration of what’s already there. Often what we’re left with is not just a blot on the landscape. It’s confusing and potentially dangerous too.”

The focus on de-cluttering rural roads by removing unnecessary road traffic signs, in addition to existing action in urban roads, was supported the CPRE. Mr McLoughlin also revealed that the Government is working on new guidance for road traffic signs regulations, which, combined with last year’s road traffic signs review, will enable authorities and designers to simplify and use fewer signs across the network.

Peter Shone, managing director of national civil engineering and maintenance services contractor JPCS welcomed the news:

“I am really pleased to see that road traffic signs de-cluttering is finally in the spotlight. Well-planned signage and lighting leads to a cleaner, safer roadside, and delivers a genuine saving in ongoing maintenance costs and carbon footprint – all issues that rank highly on the local and highway authority agendas.”

“JPCS also offers a sustainable alternative to traditional foundations for road sign – Groundscrew – which an ideal solution for road traffic signs and schemes. We have successfully used Groundscrew since 2006 for sign installations, passively safe installations, and speed indication device programmes. As Groundscrew is completely and easily removable, with minimum impact on the landscape, it is ideal for relocation, rotation, or renovation programmes, helping to reduce clutter on our roads.”

The new guidance and road traffic signs regulations will be issued by Autumn 2013.

JPCS offers comprehensive, objective and practical audits for signage de-cluttering and rationalisation, to enable clients to maintain a safe network that complies with all relevant standards and legislation.

As well as road traffic signs, JPCS also provides a range of innovative highways, rail and energy services nationwide.