Road repair works following summer floods threaten winter maintenance

pothole - road repair required

The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has reported that the severe rain and flooding in the UK throughout the summer has caused over £200mn worth of damage to the infrastructure – with £9mn worth of damage estimated in Newcastle-upon-Tyne alone – driving the need for further road repair works to carriageways and footways.

According to the RSTA, these unforeseen emergency road repair works could now supersede essential winter maintenance, causing additional strain on local authorities whose budgets are already stretched.

Fearing serious consequences for the state of roads, the RSTA is supporting calls set up establish an emergency fund for structural road repair works, to reduce the need to local authorities to draw from critical winter maintenance resources and avoid short-term and long-term deterioration of the road network.

Speaking to the Highways Magazine, following the last Pothole Review by the Department for Transport, JPCS Managing Director, Peter Shone, discussed how water accelerates deterioration and recommended a preventative approach to road repair and maintenance works to avoid “catch-up” and reduce long term costs.

Peter said: “One preventative approach involves implementing a programme to waterproof a road and footpath network, especially after the impact our past winters have had. Water and frost are two of the most damaging conditions affecting our roads, accelerating deterioration. Waterproofing will decrease deterioration and prevent water ingress, particularly in the most vulnerable areas of the highways network, in particular oxidising and oxidised areas.

“A preventative waterproofing programme could save authorities thousands of pounds each year, as well as reducing disruption on the roads and associated costs.”

JPCS delivers a range of highways services, including road repair, pothole repair and long-term surfacing solutions. JPCS has worked within the highways industry for 20 years, with clients such as local authorities and the Highways Agency.