Link-up re-award for JPCS verifies rail civil engineering services

Following a rigorous audit and assessment undertaken this summer, JPCS has been re-awarded Achilles Link-up qualified supplier status for its rail civil engineering services, demonstrating continued commitment to delivering value for clients.

Link-up – the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme – is shared by the UK rail industry, providing a single common registration, qualification and audit for suppliers of products and services which relate to works undertaken on the railway infrastructure, through a fair, open and transparent process.

Widely recognised amongst rail civil engineering contractors and buyers, Link-up approval is often a prerequisite to business in the rail industry. Over 3600 suppliers and contractors are registered on the Link-up scheme, which is extensively used by 2700 individual buyers in the rail sector, including procurement, engineering, safety and quality professionals, as well as organisations who need to comply with European Procurement Legislation and Railway Group Standards.

JPCS’ Link-up approval validates a number of rail civil engineering services, including:

  • Core audit module (trackside)
  • Foundations
  • Platforms, including copers, paving and tarmac
  • Platform face walls
  • Modular platform, including trestle
  • Raised walkways
  • Authorised walking routes and access points
  • Paths and safe cess
  • Surfacing for level crossings.

With a dedicated Rail team, JPCS delivers a wide range of rail civil engineering services, including Surfacing, Ancillary Structures, and Buildings, working with clients such as Network Rail and the London Overground.

Creating sustainable energy and infrastructure in the UK for almost 20 years, JPCS is a nationwide contractor, delivering safe and sustainable civil engineering and maintenance services to the public and private sectors, across the highways, rail and energy markets.