Road user views will pave the way for national road network reforms

highway maintenance

The Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, has announced plans for ambitious, short and long term reforms within the strategic road network, in a bid to increase quality and efficiency to all road users.

The programme of immediate work – covering highway maintenance such as motorway and major A road improvements – aims to provide a better service centred on a 20 year strategy and new challenging performance targets for the Highways Agency, yet it is expected to also bring improvements in the short to medium term.

Local and regional stakeholder involvement will be central to strategic planning and development and performance specification – which will be published for consultation towards the end of 2012 – informing investment decisions for the next spending review.

The programme also aims to work closely with the Highways Agency and HM Treasury to identify ways in which improved funding certainty and flexibility can be introduced for the strategic road network.

Commissioned by the Prime Minister in March, a feasibility study will also be undertaken, aiming to ascertain innovative ways of attracting private sector investment into the road network, increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for taxpayers’ money, and identify the need for more radical reforms.  The study will provide a report to the Prime Minister in the autumn.

Justine Greening said:

“Our motorways and major A roads are the backbone of Britain, getting people to and from work, powering the economy and keeping families connected. It is vital that we start taking positive steps now to improve how we operate, maintain and enhance our major roads.

“My goal is to transform the Highways Agency in to a best in class organisation.”

She added:

“This paves the way for a more efficient, business like and commercially focussed operator, which crucially does much more to listen and respond to the needs of road users.”

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