DECC announces new Feed-in Tariff rate

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has confirmed that Feed-in Tariff rates for solar photovoltaic installations with an eligibility date between 3rd March and 1st April will definitely remain at 21p for new schemes.

The statement follows an announcement last October that feed-in tariff rates would be reduced from 43p to 21p from April 2012. The proposal to set the 12th December 2011 as the cut off date for higher rate installations was challenged by the industry and subjected to judicial review, the outcome of which is now expected by 9th February, following DECC’s recent appeal of the High Court’s decision. The appeal will determine if installations completed between 13th December and 3rd March will receive the previous higher rate or new rate under the government’s proposals.

However, DECC’s latest announcement means that the new, lower feed-in tariff rates will apply to all solar photovoltaic installations completed after 3rd March (taking effect from April), despite the outcome of the appeal, providing longer term clarity for the industry and consumers.

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