Local governments get ready for bad weather with winter maintenance plans

UK local governments are becoming better equipped and investing in getting ready for winter sooner and more effectively, according to the Winter Readiness Survey for 2011-12, for example by deploying winter maintenance plans.

Published earlier this month, the survey found that local councils are continuing to improve their winter resilience, being well equipped with key resources to deal with winter weather, and with 51 per cent of local councils ordering increased stocks of salt for the start of this year’s gritting season, as part of winter maintenance plans.

Many councils are also employing innovative measures, such as using GPS to manage gritting routes, as well as embracing online communications, including websites, Twitter and Facebook, to keep their communities up to date on winter resilience and activities. The survey also highlighted that 28 per cent of respondents are now using alternative methods, such as liquid de-icer, other than salt to treat pavements, therefore addressing potential issues such as last year’s rock salt shortages.

National winter maintenance contractor JPCS has developed an innovative anti-icing and de-icing solution, Safethaw, suitable for all pedestrian areas – a genuine, effective substitute to rock salt and a practical alternative measure for use within local communities, for example community centres, doctors’ surgeries, and schools. Safethaw is best used as a preventative measure to avert ice and snow build-up, saving time, money, and hassle.

JPCS is also helping businesses and consumers to get ready for the winter and has launched a “snow code” with valuable winter tips for communities to get through the season safely.

For more information or to stock up and get ready for the winter, please visit our Safethaw area.