Recognition for leadership excellence for JPCS


A Cheshire company that maintains the highways and byways of Great Britain and pioneered the installation of ground mounted solar panels has received a Jury Commendation for Leadership in the 2011 UK Excellence Award process.

Cheshire-based JPCS was established in 1993 by managing director Peter Shone and has grown into a £10 million turnover business working with clients such as Balfour Beatty, the Highways Agency, British Gas, Carillion, Eurovia and local authorities.

The company has three core divisions – one maintaining highways, one maintaining rail property and one installing photovoltaic panels that generate electricity from sunlight – and has a growing reputation for the robustness of its service, its use of environmentally friendly products from recycled sources and its product innovation.

The British Quality Foundation is an independent, not for profit, organisation that helps companies improve performance, learn from best practice and achieve sustainable excellence. It launched the UK Excellence Awards in 1994 to recognise organisations that have excelled against a framework of assessments. Since the Awards were first held seventeen years ago, hundreds of organisations have competed for recognition but only 45 have entered its hallowed ranks. The commendation means the JPCS name will now take its place alongside household names like Siemens and Virgin Trains.

“The fact that so few Awards are handed out each year makes this especially satisfying,” says JPCS managing director Peter Shone. It really is a feather in our cap as the EFQM Excellence Model is recognised internationally as a rigorous test of a company’s capability.  Quite simply, this is one of the highest accolades our organisation has achieved.

“People don’t really give much thought to how much wear and tear our highways receive. The fact is, companies like JPCS are out there day in day out maintaining, resurfacing and patching holes to ensure the UK’s travel infrastructure keeps functioning. You could say we help maintain the arteries through which the country’s lifeblood flows.”

Peter is especially proud that his company’s creative and pragmatic approach to solving challenging problems has been recognised: “Two years ago, for instance, we knew that local authorities were under pressure to reduce spend on highways maintenance so we launched Rejuvopatch, a totally unique pothole patching material which provides a really effective solution but cuts the costs associated with more traditional methods. Then last year we launched Safethaw, a unique de-icing system for pavements and footpaths. So you could say, we’re looking after tax payers’ money and stopping people from slipping on ice!”

Peter is proud that JPCS was at the vanguard of renewable energy in the UK: “Since the introduction of the Feed-in-Tariff Scheme, everyone seems to have gone solar panel crazy but we were visionary and have been providing systems for six years. Photovoltaic panels bring huge environmental and financial benefits.  Earlier this year, we installed a system for Toyota and they are already reporting a saving of around £300,000 on their energy bill.  It’s a commercial no brainer.

“In a fast-changing market where companies are jumping on the bandwagon virtually daily without any pedigree or proven track record, it’s great to have our excellence recognised and rewarded with this commendation.”